Delighted to share our introduction to the academy ahead of our virtual open evening this evening:


Our students are loving all their enrichment opportunities! Today alone there was keyboard club, table tennis, football, debating and cookery club! Bake-off worthy apple crumbles!


Retweetd From South London Press

New school opens doors in Clapham


Day 3 and enrichment is up and running!


Two fabulous days of induction and work on The Clapham Commitment! Well done to staff and students alike!


Fabulous first day with our students today! So great to see them all!


Closer and closer and closer


Thank you, Team Clapham, for an incredible two days of staff training in the virtual world! We cannot wait to see you and our students in September!


Thank you for all your hard work in ensuring our school will be ready for us!


Definitely opening in September


Fantastically quick response from our parents to our information requests. Thank you! Thoroughly enjoying reading our student responses too. Keep them coming in!


Another week of ‘firsts’: our first ever National offer Day, first official newsletter to our prospective parents and another site visit, which although not a ‘first’ was certainly the first time we saw skilled professionals on stilts. So impressive!


First official site visit today! This is when you realise that a staircase not only leads to a phenomenal view. It is also truly symbolic of a vision coming together.


All plans on track to welcome our students in September! Our building continues to take shape (thank you ), our senior leaders have been appointed and our next round of recruitment is well underway.


Here is our December update. Great to see such progress!


Look forward to our students creating their own version of this next year as we show care for our community.


Delighted to attend the assembly at Hitherfield Primary School this morning to award Daisy her prize for winning our Christmas card design competition! Such talent and creativity. What a way to start our Christmas card tradition. Well done, Daisy!


We have a roof and some walls already! Exciting!


Our latest aerial views - in amongst the green of Clapham!


Such positivity from Year 6 at this morning for our assembly!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Dress Code

Male business dressHarris Clapham Sixth Form will be a place of learning and preparation for employment in a professional workplace. It is also, in itself, a professional workplace. Students and staff should wear clothes appropriate to such an environment.

Dress Code

Day to day general dress

Students and staff should wear clothes which project professionalism. Suits are the gold-standard for dressing for professional work. Shoes should be smart and appropriate to a professional workplace. Below will hopefully give students a clear summary.


  • Formal Business Suit
  • Formal shirt and tie
  • Formal shoes (you must be able to polish them)


  • Formal Business Suit (skirts must be at least to the knee, no stretchy lycra skirts allowed)
  • Formal Business Dress and jacket (Dress must have sleeves which cover at least the top quarter of the arm)
  • Formal Blouse or shirt
  • Formal shoes (you must be able to polish them)Female business dress

Hair Cuts/Jewellery/Tattoos

  • Patterns or shapes cut into hair or eyebrows and brightly coloured hair – eg: Mohicans or tram lines are not allowed
  • Overly conspicuous jewellery - large earrings, necklaces are not allowed
  • Tattoos should not be visible. Visible body piercing is restricted to the ears and/or one small nose stud only. Bars, scaffolds and stretchers are not permitted.

Final judgement as to what is appropriate lies with the academy leadership group.

Transgender students may dress consistently in accordance with their gender presentation.

Formal occasions

Formal occasions and formal meetings with staff and any special events, require more formal wear and students should wear a smart jacket or blazer. Students will be advised when an event is formal.

Inappropriate choice of dress

It is impossible to give an exhaustive list but:

Brightly coloured suits, sweatshirts, hoodies, chunky knitwear, leggings, track suits denim (jeans/top etc), T-shirts, vests, tank tops, crop tops and strappy tops are all incompatible with the professional appearance required at Harris Clapham as are trainers (including black leather trainers/kickers), canvas shoes and informal boots and shoes such as vans/pumps.

As the Sixth Form is a learning environment, any garment that covers or significantly obscures the face is unacceptable.


In summer the weather is warmer but it is not appropriate to dress more casually. Jackets can be removed during the academy day.

Staff responsibilities

Students will look to staff for examples of dressing professionally. Staff should therefore dress in such a way that students are not encouraged towards the lower boundaries of what is acceptable.

Students will be sent home if they do not conform to the Dress Code. Parents/Carers will be contacted on the first occasion a student is required to be sent home in relation to a dress code violation. In the event of any subsequent digression from the dress code, the student will be sent home to change, but no contact will be made with the Parent/Carer.