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Brilliant to have our own police cadet unit on site! Our first intake of recruits are into week 12 of their training. Next intake in September!


Fantastic trip to China Town for a meal (and to practise our language skills!) and then to the British Museum!


Our Year 8 boys are south region Federation champions!


Official opening today! Very special event with superb speeches from our students in all three of the languages that they study!


Great excitement as we set off for this morning and an added bonus that we got to use the brand new !


What a show! our students had an amazing time!


Our students as language teachers! Thank you for welcoming us and for allowing us to share our knowledge and enjoyment of learning Spanish and Chinese with you!


Thank you to for a very informative session with our students on road safety awareness.


Our amazing students started their work with two weeks ago and we are already in the top 100 schools!


Ten Clapham Credits cashed in for ice-cream today!


Thank you for a spectacular show this week - thoroughly enjoyed by staff and students alike!


Huge congratulations to all our finalists and our first-ever winner of Clapham's Got Talent. You were all amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed admiring your skills and talents!


Great to see so many of our students taking up the offer of learning to play a musical instrument. Well done for modelling The Clapham Commitment and being both curious and tenacious!


Very enriching Globe Theatre visit and workshop for our students this week to support them in their study of The Merchant of Venice.


Speaker building and gnocchi making in design technology for Year 8 today!


Great to welcome to the Lambeth


Great to welcome to the Lambeth


Love this ‘micro-reading’ task from , so great for engaging students with different parts of Chinese characters. Can you find the missing parts on the right?


Love this ‘micro-reading’ task from , so great for engaging students with different parts of Chinese characters. Can you find the missing parts on the right?



Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Curriculum Overview

Endeavour for Excellence. Honesty and Integrity. Self-Belief with a Global View.

The Harris Academy Clapham curriculum aims to ensure that students have a deep, broad and innovative range of learning experiences, both inside and outside the classroom.

The Clapham curriculum is designed to meet the needs, aspirations and abilities of individual students, to improve their life chances and enable them to make a positive contribution to the city and world in which they live.

Through the Clapham academic, enrichment and pastoral curriculum we expect our students to develop powerful knowledge and the following values and character attributes that will enable them to achieve our vision that ‘Everything is Possible’.

Endeavour for Excellence:

  • to work hard and relish challenge
  • to never give up
  • to learn to take sensible risks
  • to always strive for the best for themselves and each other.

Integrity and Honesty:

  • to act with kindness, treating others the way they would like to be treated.

Self-belief with a global view:

  • to have the agency to achieve their ambitions for themselves and the wider world.

The Clapham Way

At Harris Clapham the curriculum is delivered through high-quality teaching, codified in the Clapham Way,  to enable all Clapham students to have a deep knowledge and skills base that will fully prepare them for their future lives.

Our principles

We follow these principles in our planning:

  • Deep learning where the subject specific knowledge and skills come first
  • Embedding and building on the basics - ensuring that every student acquires the vocabulary, literacy and numeracy skills to enable them to fully participate in society
  • The curriculum must be rigorous and relevant by engaging with the best of what has been thought and said and acknowledging that knowledge is fluid and can be contested
  • The curriculum must prepare for life in modern Britain and beyond, and enable Clapham students to understand their rights and fulfil their responsibilities under the Equality Act.

Our students deserve nothing less than excellence. Our teachers are experts who are highly effective in their craft.


Every child deserves the opportunity to flourish both inside and outside the classroom.  Extra-curricular activities are of the upmost importance in our curriculum.  We have a wide range of clubs on offer, and every student is encouraged to do at least one after school enrichment club each week.


Our Curriculum Policy can be found on our Teaching and Learning page.