Really lovely to welcome our parents to the academy for the first time and to meet them in person. Your support and positivity is much appreciated!


Not only is our fantastic enrichment programme of more than 40 different activities up and running from next week, but we also have our first visiting musicians - Duo Chuva!


First full week back - so much focus, hard work and determination!


Thoroughly enjoyed meeting our new Year 7s last week. Look forward to seeing our Year 8 students tomorrow for summer school!


Phenomenal attendance to day 1 of our summer school for our new Year 7s. Lots of excellent learning, well-being reflections and enrichment!


Retweetd From Lambeth Police | Central South BCU

Kemari aged 12 please help us find missing Kemari last seen on 2nd August near Brixton wearing a grey tracksuit, blue jacket and white trainers. Please call 999 quote 21MIS023120 .1508AS


Retweetd From Ed Davie

Please share details of 's biggest ever summer holiday programme of FREE activities and healthy food for children and young people


End of term meant a huge rewards assembly and a chance to cash in Clapham Credits for hot chocolate. Well done on a successful year, year 7!


Fantastic careers and charities day this week. Charities chosen by students and stalls created and managed to raise funds.


What a fabulous sports day! Badminton, basketball, football, table tennis ... tug-of-war, egg-and-spoon, rock, paper, scissors, sprints and relays. The list was endless! Well done to our students and a huge thank you to our staff!


Retweetd From Lambeth Police | Central South BCU

We are pleased to confirm that Benjamin and Christopher have been found safe and well. Thank you for sharing our appeal.


Well done to our geographers - we are super proud of you!


A good book is like a good friend - made even better with a reading buddy!


Yesterday it was the girls' turn to have their first-ever match! Looking forward to many more!


First-ever football fixture (and first ride in our minibus!)


Well done, Year 7, on your focus and tenacity while sitting your end of year assessments!


Rewards assembly today was the perfect end to a very busy half term! More than sixty recipients - you have gone above and beyond in true Clapham style! Well done!


Delighted to share that we have achieved the UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools bronze award!


Retweetd From Lambeth Council

We're asking everyone in the borough to get a PCR test this week, whether they have symptoms or not, due to new cases of the Covid-19 variant first identified in South Africa


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We have recently been a victim of a ransomware attack, in order to keep up-to-date with how this affects our schools and more please click here:

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Supporting literacy at home

Supporting Literacy at Home

It is important, even more so during lockdown that children continue to read and communicate at home to maintain their literacy development and continue to progress. This is an area where parental support can be really beneficial. Small steps can be helpful in developing reading ability, vocabulary and communication skills, all of which are vital for learning.


Although there can be many other distractions, daily reading for enjoyment has a strong positive impact on overall achievement. Here are some simple ways to encourage and support your child to keep reading at home:

  • Daily reading can be part of your lockdown routine, offering escapism and a sense of calm. ​Encourage your child to read for ten minutes a day.
  • Role model and read yourself, when you can, talking to your child about what you are reading.
  • Read together: We often think that older children like to read on their own, but there are many benefits to reading together. It can improve communication and strengthen bonds, as well as exposing them to a greater variety of books. Choose a book with a topic you or your child are interested in and take it in turns to read, stopping to discuss and ask questions.
  • Book talk: use books and digital reading to start conversations with your child. Here are some questions that could help:
  • What do you think the book will be about?
  • Can you tell me what’s happened so far?
  • What do you think will happen next?
  • Why do you think the character did…?
  • What do you think the author wants us to think?
  • How did you feel when…?
  • Can you think of a similar experience that you’ve had?
  • Who do you know who is like…?
  • How did the character change in this story?
  • What do you think are the most important things in this chapter/section?
  • Reading can be more than just books! Children can read about their interests online, read online or print magazines and newspapers and even listen to podcasts and audiobooks. Here are some great news sites for children:


Conversations support vocabulary development and communication, which in turn supports overall literacy.  So called ‘back and forth’ conversations, where you model turn taking and really listen to each other and discuss the world around you can be great for developing vocabulary and social skills.

  • Listen: when you can, try to listen carefully and with real interest when your child talks to you. Leave pauses to encourage them to say more.
  • Eat together whenever possible, and chat about everyday things. Let your son or daughter lead the topics of conversation.
  • Collaborate: If you like to cook together or to make things following instructions, discuss the meanings of any unfamiliar words you come across. 
  • Praise your child if they use an interesting or unusual word: ’Great choice of word!’ or ‘You just used a really interesting word’ or ‘I love that word!’
  • Watch TV together and talk about what you’re watching like the families on Gogglebox. Discuss any new words or things that you find interesting.
  • Solve problems together. Discuss and agree on your approach.
  • Play word games together. Pictionary, Taboo or charades can be played easily at home with just a piece of paper.


Bedrock is a brilliant online vocabulary development programme which increases students' engagement with reading, whilst directly teaching them academic vocabulary. Your child has a personal login, but if they have forgotten it, they should contact their English teacher. Encourage your child to undertake at least ten minutes a day.

Resources to Support Literacy

If you have a subscription of Amazon prime, there is a great selection of free books, magazines and comics available.

The Oak Academy has a Virtual School Library with a free book each week:

Other Useful Resources:

BBC Teach

You can use BBC Teach for free. Their website is home to thousands of free curriculum-mapped videos, arranged by age-group and subject. Find them here:

There are video resources linked to all subjects for 11-14 year olds here:

BBC Own It provides advice and guidance on studying from home, including online safety and a wealth of material on mental and physical health during lockdown:

BBC Bitesize has a range of resources for all ages to support online learning:

BBC Grammar for 11-14 Year Olds: