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Brilliant to have our own police cadet unit on site! Our first intake of recruits are into week 12 of their training. Next intake in September!


Fantastic trip to China Town for a meal (and to practise our language skills!) and then to the British Museum!


Our Year 8 boys are south region Federation champions!


Official opening today! Very special event with superb speeches from our students in all three of the languages that they study!


Great excitement as we set off for this morning and an added bonus that we got to use the brand new !


What a show! our students had an amazing time!


Our students as language teachers! Thank you for welcoming us and for allowing us to share our knowledge and enjoyment of learning Spanish and Chinese with you!


Thank you to for a very informative session with our students on road safety awareness.


Our amazing students started their work with two weeks ago and we are already in the top 100 schools!


Ten Clapham Credits cashed in for ice-cream today!


Thank you for a spectacular show this week - thoroughly enjoyed by staff and students alike!


Huge congratulations to all our finalists and our first-ever winner of Clapham's Got Talent. You were all amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed admiring your skills and talents!


Great to see so many of our students taking up the offer of learning to play a musical instrument. Well done for modelling The Clapham Commitment and being both curious and tenacious!


Very enriching Globe Theatre visit and workshop for our students this week to support them in their study of The Merchant of Venice.


Speaker building and gnocchi making in design technology for Year 8 today!


Great to welcome to the Lambeth


Great to welcome to the Lambeth


Love this ‘micro-reading’ task from , so great for engaging students with different parts of Chinese characters. Can you find the missing parts on the right?


Love this ‘micro-reading’ task from , so great for engaging students with different parts of Chinese characters. Can you find the missing parts on the right?



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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Through learning Chinese, students will develop a better understanding of the peoples and cultures of Chinese-speaking countries and Chinese communities across the UK and the rest of the world, which in turn enables them to consider their own identity and place within the world, particularly in the current global and national climate. Language learning is therefore a gateway to the acceptance, pursuit and appreciation of a harmonious international community. 

The curriculum is designed for students to have a balanced and inspiring experience and to ensure they can achieve their full potential. The choice of Mandarin is one made to equip students with a working knowledge of languages from some of the fastest growing economies in the world, allowing for promising career prospects and progression in later life.

Our teaching of Mandarin is based in a desire for students to not just understand the vocabulary and grammar, but also to be able to verbalise and apply them to engage with others. Teachers view learners as active inquirers who use previous experiences (both mental and social) to make meaning of the world and build lessons and resources with the aim of stimulating the students’ intellectual curiosity.

Along with speaking, reading, listening and writing, the curriculum includes culture as a “skill” which is deemed as equally as important. Language items are taught in conjunction with key cultural festivals throughout the year and nuances expounded upon in order for students to better understand the history of the language in terms of how it has developed and is therefore presently structured. Chinese New Year is celebrated annually which exposes students to the school of further aspects of Chinese culture. Furthermore, a weekly club is held to enable students to expand on learning about Chinese culture beyond weekly lessons.

We ensure that the beginner stage of learning focuses on grammar and vocabulary of topics that are suitable for young children; this will provide a solid basis for more complex language and authentic fluency required in later years. Students will develop knowledge of both the character writing system and the ‘pinyin’ system of Mandarin. These two systems will support their progression in all four languages skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing in the language.

The learning of Mandarin may be supported in other curriculum areas to enhance students’ knowledge of Chinese culture and to be able to use the language they have learned in other contexts. For example, numbers up to 99 in Chinese naturally involve application of addition and multiplication that exist in Mathematics while other areas lend themselves well to projects in History and Geography.

We plan and develop our curriculum to stimulate and motivate our students with a range of topics which aim to expand their cultural knowledge. We continue to take students on trips to Chinatown, where they can experience the different cultures and Chinese food and drinks for their GCSE studies.

We place emphasis on regular use of authentic materials to ensure that language learning goes beyond the examination and prepares them for real life, as well as celebrating and recognising Chinese festivities and traditions to the same end.