Really lovely to welcome our parents to the academy for the first time and to meet them in person. Your support and positivity is much appreciated!


Not only is our fantastic enrichment programme of more than 40 different activities up and running from next week, but we also have our first visiting musicians - Duo Chuva!


First full week back - so much focus, hard work and determination!


Thoroughly enjoyed meeting our new Year 7s last week. Look forward to seeing our Year 8 students tomorrow for summer school!


Phenomenal attendance to day 1 of our summer school for our new Year 7s. Lots of excellent learning, well-being reflections and enrichment!


Retweetd From Lambeth Police | Central South BCU

Kemari aged 12 please help us find missing Kemari last seen on 2nd August near Brixton wearing a grey tracksuit, blue jacket and white trainers. Please call 999 quote 21MIS023120 .1508AS


Retweetd From Ed Davie

Please share details of 's biggest ever summer holiday programme of FREE activities and healthy food for children and young people


End of term meant a huge rewards assembly and a chance to cash in Clapham Credits for hot chocolate. Well done on a successful year, year 7!


Fantastic careers and charities day this week. Charities chosen by students and stalls created and managed to raise funds.


What a fabulous sports day! Badminton, basketball, football, table tennis ... tug-of-war, egg-and-spoon, rock, paper, scissors, sprints and relays. The list was endless! Well done to our students and a huge thank you to our staff!


Retweetd From Lambeth Police | Central South BCU

We are pleased to confirm that Benjamin and Christopher have been found safe and well. Thank you for sharing our appeal.


Well done to our geographers - we are super proud of you!


A good book is like a good friend - made even better with a reading buddy!


Yesterday it was the girls' turn to have their first-ever match! Looking forward to many more!


First-ever football fixture (and first ride in our minibus!)


Well done, Year 7, on your focus and tenacity while sitting your end of year assessments!


Rewards assembly today was the perfect end to a very busy half term! More than sixty recipients - you have gone above and beyond in true Clapham style! Well done!


Delighted to share that we have achieved the UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools bronze award!


Retweetd From Lambeth Council

We're asking everyone in the borough to get a PCR test this week, whether they have symptoms or not, due to new cases of the Covid-19 variant first identified in South Africa


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We have recently been a victim of a ransomware attack, in order to keep up-to-date with how this affects our schools and more please click here:

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Our leadership and staff team

Welcome to our leadership and staff team page

We are delighted to introduce you to Team Clapham. This will be updated as and when further non-teaching staff appointments are made. All of our teaching staff were in place by Easter 2020.

We hope you find the who’s who below useful.

Mr Hainey is the Executive Principal (EP) and he also supports Harris Clapham Sixth Form (opening in September 2021).  Mr Hainey has been with the Harris Federation since January 2007 – as a Vice Principal at Harris South Norwood. He left to work with Ofsted as one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors for three years between 2016 and 2019. Mr Hainey returned to the Federation to take up the EP role in April 2019.

Ms Landman has worked in several Harris academies, more recently as Head of Academy at Harris Upper Norwood. Ms Landman and Mr Hainey both led Upper Norwood to its judgement of ‘outstanding’ at its first inspection in 2014.

Harris Day 2 0057 copy



Sam Hainey, Executive Principal Academy Leadership Group (ALG)



Has the pleasure of overseeing Harris Clapham, Harris Clapham 6th form and Harris Invictus.


Will make sure big brother and baby brother complement each other well.




Gizlé Landman, Principal (ALG)


Principal of Harris Clapham and part of the executive team of Harris Clapham and Harris Clapham 6th form.

Oversees the academy but in our first year has:

- Position as Designated Safeguarding Lead

- Admissions

- Transition

as particular areas of direct leadership.





Christopher Dillon, Assistant Principal (ALG)



- Strategies for behaviour and attendance.

- How we monitor, evaluate and review our work.

- All things numeracy and cross-curricular IT in Year 1.

- Assessment, including homework.

- Staff training and performance management.

Line manages:

- Maths, Science, PE, DT, Music and Art.

- Visits and Bromcom.



Matthew Holmes, Assistant Principal (ALG), Director of Inclusion and Enrichment (ALG)



- The range and quality of the enrichment curriculum.

- Music provision.

- All things character education, including assemblies, careers and student leadership.

- Supports safeguarding via medical needs, looked after children, alternative provision and is DDSL 2.

Line manages:

- PE

Will be working with art, drama and music to put on an end of year extravaganza to showcase the Clapham Talent.





Francesca Arhin, SENCO



- All things SEND – in short, ensuring needs are identified, assessed and met accurately and quickly.

- Liaising with external agencies on behalf of our SEND students, parents and carers.

- Ensuring staff know their students’ need and the training to support them inside and outside of the classroom.

Line manages:

- HLTA and TA support

- Contracts/services with external agencies/therapies.




Adjoa Philips, Subject Leader DT, Teacher of Art


Oversees the curriculum development/leadership of:

- DT, and in our first year Art.

Will add a particular flavour in Year 1 of ensuring:

- Our art ambassadors programme takes off.

- We have displays (including artefacts) of DT and Art that we can showcase around the academy.

- Working with Drama and Music to put on an end of year extravaganza to showcase the Clapham Talent.




Lily McConnell, Subject Leader MFL


Oversees the curriculum development/leadership of:

- Spanish and Mandarin.

Will add a particular flavour in Year 1 of ensuring:

- Students who speak English as an additional language are identified accurately and effectively supported.

- We have a visit to Espagné by the end of Year 1.

- Everyone loves learning languages which will be our particular curriculum speciality.



Caiti Walter,

Subject Leader Humanities


Oversees the curriculum development/leadership of:

- Geography, History and RE.

Will add a particular flavour in Year 1 of ensuring:

- The academy becomes a Rights Respecting School.

- Successful work with Mr Gough so our students celebrate the diversity of religion and beliefs in the UK and beyond.

- Students go on a field trip.



Rebecca Lam, Teacher of Mandarin


Enabling students to became gurus of kanji, origami and the culture of China (to match their fabulous speaking knowledge and skills).

Will add a particular flavour in Year 1 of ensuring:

- We identify and help our students to speak and celebrate their home language.

- The Global Youth Ambassador Programme happens.

- We have a fantastic MFL evening with Chinese dragons and Spanish Flamenco dancers.




Callum Gough, Teacher of History


Making sure that students know their chronologies off by heart and become confident young historians.

Will add a particular flavour in Year 1 of ensuring:

- RE is a thriving subject at the academy.

- Students know their local history and we have a display about the history of Lambeth.

- Plans for a History visit for our students for Year 8 to an EU country.




Katie Streeter, Teacher of English/ Drama


Guaranteeing that students love English and develop a true penchant for Drama.

Will add a particular flavour in Year 1 of ensuring:

- The library is one of the best places to be.

- Our library monitors hit the ground running.

- Students, including the boys, all read for pleasure.

- Work with Art and Music to put on an end of year extravaganza to showcase the Clapham Talent.




Luke Robinson, Subject Leader Science


Oversees the curriculum development/leadership of:

- Science

Will add a particular flavour in Year 1 of ensuring:

- Students benefit from access to a wide range of practical experiments during their science learning.

- That one of our innovation experiences has a high-quality science focus.

- That we have some visiting scientists to the academy to inspire students for the future.



Leigh Hoang,

Lead Practitioner Science


Work with everyone to help make teaching and learning the best it can be.

Will add a particular flavour in Year 1 of:

- Being the academy’s mental health champion.

- Working with Mr Dillon to fully support our newly qualified teachers so that they love being a teacher.

- Helping Mr Robinson make our students CSI experts and to help plan the innovation experience.





Nathan Headley, Teacher of PE


Ensuring that all our students love PE and stay physically fit and healthy.

Will add a particular flavour in Year 1 of ensuring:

- Our Greenhouse coach is well supported and part of the team.

- We have a range of sports and fixtures that meet a range of needs.

- Work with other organisations to help organise fixtures and competitions.

- We win the Year 7 Federation sports day.

- Further support is offered to SEND students within the school day.


Our support staff team is made up of:

  • Alice Blackett - Executive Assistant 
  • Juan de la Higuera - Premises Manager
  • Janine Thatcher - Education Welfare and Attendance Officer
  • Rose Harris - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
  • Tom Gooch - DT/Art and Science Technician
  • Chandelle Thompson - Teaching Assistant
  • Shemmaine Henry - Receptionist and Admin Assistant